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Hyde Heath weather reports by Gary Beynon based on his own observations & measurements

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Another month of contrasts; the first half was mostly dry with higher temperatures whereas the latter part of the month was wetter and a little cooler. Overall July was a wet month with 96.7mm of rainfall over 18 days but some 65mm of this fell on just 3 days. Last year July was the driest for 37 years so dont look for patterns! July seems to be characterised by very variable rainfall; 16 of the 37 years I have records for were greater than the average with this year being nearly 100% above. It almost goes without saying that the first week of the school holidays was wet. The average temperatures were comparable with last year and a maximum of 31.4C on 6th was quite pleasant especially as that whole week had temperatures above 25. Of course the bit we will remember is the heavy rain.

Facts and figures
Jul-17 Jul-16
Maximum temp              c C 31.4 32.2
Average max temp C 23.72 24.34
Days max  >10 >25 C 10 9
Minimum temp C 11.7 9.4
Average min temp C 14.03 13.34
Days min  <5 <10 C 0 2
Days min  <10 <15 C 23 21
Days with frost
Rainfall mm 96.7 13.9
37 year average rainfall mm 51.75
Days with rainfall 18 14
Days with sleet, snow, hail thunder 1 0
Wettest year 1991 103.7
Driest year     2016 13.9

Gary Beynon
August 7th 2017                                                                              Top of Page                 Home


Another drier than average month that may also be remembered for 5 days of temperatures above 30C. These high temperatures are not unusual but I suspect that we were not accustomed to this level and it was therefore a surprise to the system .Nearly half the days experienced some level, albeit very small in some cases, of rainfall.2 days saw 16 and 14mm of rain but this was a good deal less than other parts of the country; very welcome for the gardens nevertheless. Looking back over my notes, it is surprising how often the skies were predominantly cloudy; 15 in fact. The sunny days were rather pleasant though! Compared with June last year it was a deal drier and a good deal warmer.


Facts and figures
Jun-17 Jun-16
Maximum temp              c C 32.7 25.8
Average max temp C 23.97 21.5
Days max  >10 >20 C 25 24
Minimum temp C 9.3 8.5
Average min temp C 13.4 12.31
Days min  <5 <5 C 0 0
Days min  <10 <15 C 24 29
Days with frost 0 0
Rainfall mm 48.1 102.4
37 year average rainfall mm 57.87
Days with rainfall 14 23
Days with sleet, snow, hail thunder 0 3
Wettest year 2012 159.6
Driest year     2006 8.8

Gary Beynon
July 4th 2017                                                                              Top of Page                 Home


May is always a strange month; you never quite know what to expect and this May was no exception. The old saying is neer cast a clout til May is out; a warning that the temperatures can still be low and frost is a possibility. I saw just one morning when frost was evident on the cars so not too bad. At the other end of the scale, we had a maximum temperature of 27.4C on 25th and 26th with maximi above 25 on 4 days. The early months of the year were dry with below average rainfall; May started to redress the balance with just above average rainfall but some 50% fell in just 4 consecutive days. It was most noticeable how much the cereal crops shot up after that rain (never mind the grass in our gardens!). There has been a very dry May with just 2mm in 1990 and a very wet month in 2007 with 153.9mm. Compared with May last year, this was not that different with similar rainfall and temperatures. June last year is best forgotten so no repeat thank you. 


Facts and figures
May-17 May-16
Maximum temp              c C 27.4 26.4
Average max temp C 19.97 19.74
Days max  >10 >20 C 15 16
Minimum temp C 2.8 4
Average min temp C 9.95 9.18
Days min  <5 <5 C 1 3
Days min  <10 C 17 18
Days with frost 1 0
Rainfall mm 73.9 64.1
37 year average rainfall mm 61.83
Days with rainfall 16 12
Days with sleet, snow, hail thunder 1 0
Wettest year 2007 153.9
Driest year     1990 2



Gary Beynon
June 5th 2017                                                                              Top of Page                 Home


Dry, Dry and more Dry; April turned out to be a very dry month as evidenced by the concrete like ground. It was not the driest April in the last 37 years as 2007 has that distinction with just 2.6mm, and we have had 2 further years with less rainfall than this year. Compared with the average rainfall over the last 37 years at 55.86mm it was still a very dry year and followed 3 months that were either below average or, in one year, just marginally above. Now of course they are talking about drought and hose pipe bans; as I showed last month the overall rainfall in the fill up the water table months has not been too bad so maybe they are just being cautious. We had a warm spell of weather with the maximum reaching 23.3C but a number of mornings when frost was evident at least on the cars. 1 day gave us a real mixture with a shower of snow, sleet and hail briefly.

Facts and figures
Apr-17 Apr-16
Maximum temp              c C 23.3 18.1
Average max temp C 16.01 14.41
Days max  >10 >15 C 22 13
Minimum temp C 1.3 0.3
Average min temp C 5.41 4.08
Days min  <5 <5 C 12 20
Days min  <10 C 30 29
Days with frost 4 9
Rainfall mm 9.9 56.2
37 year average rainfall mm 55.86
Days with rainfall 10 21
Days with sleet, snow, hail snow   inc above 1 5
Wettest year                     2002                                                 168.5mm 2012 138.7mm
Driest year     2007 2.6mm

Gary Beynon
May 2nd 2017                                                                              Top of Page                 Home



The impression I had about March was that it was a dry month. Partly I thought this because the ground has become hard and the grass was slow in growing. The figures dispute the impression! Compared with the 37 year average, rainfall was down somewhat but on a par with February. What the figures do show is that we had a very mild month with the maximum temperature 6 above last March and the average temperature some 3 up. There were no frosts; not on my drive anyway compared with 12 in 2016. The warm weather brought leaves and plants out quickly so we had a real bonus of clean and bright colours from that bit earlier. The first few days of April have continued to be warm, sunny and pleasant. Lets hope it lasts.

Looking at the rainfall for the period October to March over 36 years shows that this last winter period was the 4th driest. Not a good sign for the water table.

Facts and figures
Mar-17 Mar-16
Maximum temp              c C 20.6 14.3
Average max temp C 13.46 10.56
Days max  >10 >15 C 9 0
Minimum temp C 2.7 -0.7
Average min temp C 5.98 3.09
Days min  <5 <5 C 16 28
Days min  <10 C 27 31
Days with frost 0 12
Rainfall mm 44.4 84
37 year average rainfall mm 53.07
Days with rainfall 20 17
Days with sleet, snow, hail snow   inc above 0 4
Wettest year                     2002                                                 168.5mm 2001 111.4mm
Driest year     2011 11.3mm

Gary Beynon
April 17th 2017
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Quite a mixture of weather was seen during February. The temperature reached 16.4C on one day and there was snow or sleet on four other days. Overall it was a mild and dry month with average temperatures above that of 2016 and rainfall very similar. Despite the comparatively dry month the ground did not dry out very well, in part due to the high humidity that prevailed and lack of a drying wind; Storm Doris being the exception. February has been relatively dry over the years with a 37 year average of 55 mm. There has been a dramatic variation with the wettest year in 2014 at 144.5 mm and the driest in 198 at just 8.8 mm. 16 of the 37 years were above the average; one might conclude that February is unpredictable----but we could say the same of most months.

Facts and figures
Feb-17 Feb-16
Maximum temp              c C 16.4 13.9
Average max temp C 9.25 8.39
Days max  >10 >10 C 15 6
Minimum temp C 0.3 -1.7
Average min temp C 4.21 2.63
Days min  <5 <5 C 17 24
Days min  <10 C 26 29
Days with frost a 5 11
Rainfall mm 40.8 48.1
37 year average rainfall mm 55.15
Days with rainfall 20 18
Days with sleet, snow, hail snow   inc above 4 1
Wettest year                     2002                                                 168.5mm 2014 144.5 mm
Driest year     1998 8.8 mm

Gary Beynon
March 4th 2017
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January proved to be another month of contrasts. Day time temperatures were high but the nights were often very close or below freezing. It became quite the norm to have to defrost the car windows even though not every morning showed the air temperature below zero. There were 12 days consecutively of days of scrapping! Rain fell on 17 days, 3 of those being snow or sleet. The total rainfall was very close to the 36 year average  at 83.6 mm and well below 2014 deluge of 190.1 mm. Compared with 2016 January was milder and maybe we will see the early bulbs popping up to brighten the garden.

Facts and figures
Jan-17 Jan-16
Maximum temp              c C 10.5 14.4
Average max temp C 6.36 8.49
Days max  >10 >5 C 21 25
Minimum temp C -3.7 -3.3
Average min temp C 1.14 3.36
Days min  <5 <0 C 12 5
Days with frost 17    a 10
Rainfall mm 83.6 107.5
36 year average rainfall mm mm     * 80.45
Days with rainfall 17 24
Days with sleet, snow, hail snow   inc above 3 2
Wettest year                     2002                                                 168.5mm 2014 190.1 mm
Driest year     1987 11.8 mm
*  no data in 1985
a frost on car screen
Gary Beynon
Feb 4th 2017
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