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Hyde Heath weather reports by Gary Beynon based on his own observations & measurements

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December 2013

December was a month of two distinct halves. The first 14 days were dry and mild; only 4.7mm rain with temperatures hovering around the 9C mark. Pressure was also high between 1013 and 1029 mbar. The remaining days were wet with just 2 without rainfall and over 100 mm recorded. Pressure fell up to 60mbar with a low of 966. As everyone will remember this have a number of intense depressions with high and damaging winds. We were, however, very lucky compared with areas just a short distance from us. There were frosts on 6 days as evidenced by the sound of windscreens being scraped in the early morning. This has all resulted in saturated ground so that even a small amount of rain causes large puddles. 

What of 2013 as a year? What will we all remember? The storm in October on St Judes day, the dry summer months, the rather miserable January to March or the bumper crop of apples? I will go for the apples; it is so much more positive. The rainfall through the year was just below the average for the last 33 years but the fill dyke months (October to March) have started with plenty of rain. 

Facts and figures

                                                         December 2013                     December 2012

Maximum temp  C                                  12.8                                       12.5

Mean max temp  C                                  9.13                                       7.65

Days temp > 10   C                                 9                                            6

Minimum temp    C                                 0.8                                        -4.9

Mean min temp    C                                3.42                                        2.29

Days min <   0     C                                 0                                            8

Days with frost                                         6                                           11

Rainfall                 mm                          108.8                                       126.5

Days with rain                                        22                                           26

December average rainfall                                           80.024mm

Annual rainfall for 2013                                                 751.5mm

33 year average annual rainfall                                      779.98mm  


Gary Beynon
Jan 2nd 2014

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November 2013

November was a dull month; there were far more days when it was cloudy(and/or raining) than clear. It was not particularly wet, the rainfall being below average but there were a lot of days when something fell out of the sky. One day saw a mixture of rain, sleet and hail all in a very short period of time; fortunately it did not last. It was also milder than we might have expected. There were a number of mornings when frost was evident on the cars but only one day when the air temperature fell below 0C. Compared with last year, the months temperatures were very similar statistically. We cannot have had the wind or the frost that often comes as evidenced by the leaves that are still on the trees.

Facts and figures.

                                                       November 2013                          November 2012

Maximum temperature C                       13.7                                            13.7

Mean max temp.          C                        9.17                                            9.50

Days temp > 10C                                   10                                               14

Minimum temperature  C                        -1.0                                             -1.4

Mean min temp.          C                        3.82                                              3.70

Days temp <5C                                     22                                                20

Days temp <0C                                       1                                                  2

Rainfall                       mm                     61.4                                            109.8

Days with rain                                       21                                                 20

33 year average rainfall mm                                             81.76

Years below average                                                         22

Years above average                                                         11

Wettest                                                            2002 with   168.5mm

Driest                                                               1988 with    27.6mm

Gary Beynon
Dec 5th 2013

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October 2013

After a succession of drier than average months, October started the fill dyke season with an above average performance. It was not the wettest October that we have had but in the last 33 years there have only been 12 years with above average rainfall in October. The wettest October was 1987 with 177.8 mm. It was a month to remember; at least for a short time. It was mild, it had (or perhaps more accurately) was threatened with damaging winds and there were no frosts. We were lucky as far as the high winds were concerned; the brunt of the storm missed Hyde Heath and looks to have tracked south and then east of us. There was some damage unfortunately and a number of trees came down causing short term chaos. However compared with many we were very lucky to escape the worst.

The facts and figures

                                                              October 2013                    October 2012

Maximum temperature      C                      19.3                                     17.2

Mean max temp                C                      15.37                                   13.47

Days temp >15C                                        19                                        10

Minimum temperature       C                       3.5                                       1.2

Mean min temp                 C                        9.64                                     6.96

Days temp <10C                                         14                                        26

Days with frost                                              0                                          2  

Rainfall                              mm                   114.3                                   122.9

Days with rainfall                                          23                                        22

Average rainfall over last 33 years                                      86.18

Wettest October                                                             177.8 in 1987


Rainfall chart


Gary Beynon
Nov 2nd 2013

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September 2013

With September coming to an end, there have now been 4 drier than average months in a row. I suspect that most people will have noticed this by the way in which the grass didnt grow much and it turned brown in patches. A big advantage of the drier weather is that the harvest has been gathered in and, apparently, has been good because of the weather pattern over the preceding months. Those who are fortunate to have apple trees will also have noticed the bumper crop; again due to the weather pattern. September was also pleasantly warm with the first week having temperatures in the 20s. Although the maximum temperatures then fell into the teens (actually when we were away enjoying the low 30s!), things perked up again at the end of the month. The rain did come but most fell on just 2 days accounting for 33 out of the 54 mm total.


Facts and figures

                                                         September 2013               September 2012

Maximum temp         C                           26.4                                    24.9

Mean max temp         C                           18.63                                  18.73

Days max temp   >20C                              8                                       10

Days max temp   >15C                             24                                       27

Minimum temp          C                             5.9                                      4.9

Mean min temp          C                            10.4                                     8.85

Days min temp    <10C                              15                                       22

Rainfall                    mm                            53.8                                    43.3

Days with rainfall                                        15                                       12

33 year average rainfall                                                60.36mm

Driest September since 1981                     1997 with       8.3mm    

Wettest Sept since 1981                            1999 with   125.3mm

Gary Beynon
Oct 8th 2013

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August 2013

I thought on Friday (30th) that August was to be a month when the maximum temperature did not fall below 20C and the minimum was going to be above 10C. The last day let me down with both the figures; maximum dropped to 19.9 and the minimum to 9.6. It was a pleasant month with high temperatures at the start and good levels throughout. Overall the rainfall was very similar to July and June and only half the 33 year average. However there was rain to record on 15 of the days. August has been quite a reasonable month more times than not. In the last 33 years rainfall has been below the average in 21 of the years. This August was the driest since 2003. Compared with August 2012, this year was very similar. The farmers should be happy as many of the crops have been harvested; I have yet to hear of the yields.


The facts and figures

                                                            August 2013                      August 2012

Maximum temperature         C                  31.1                                     29.0

Mean max temp                   C                 23.18                                   22.93

Days max temp >              20C                  30                                        28

Minimum temperature          C                    9.6                                      6.5

Mean min temp                    C                  13.1                                    13.24

Days min temp <               10C                      1                                        2

Days min temp <               15C                   25                                       25

Rainfall                              mm                  35.8                                     49.1 

33 year average rainfall       mm                                      63.12

Days with rainfall                                        15                                       17


Rainfall chart for August 

Gary Beynon
Sept 1st 2013

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July 2013

At one stage late in the month it looked as if we were going to have the driest July since I have been taking measurements. Not so; the last 8 days made sure of that. It was a warm-should we say hot?- month with temperatures on average way up on last year and a maximum above 30C on 2 days with an average maximum of greater than 25C. The grass on our lawns is still ample proof of the warmth and dryness. August has at least started in the same hot way; will it continue?! Rainfall was below the 33 year average but July is a month of big contrasts. Over the last 33 years, rainfall has been below average in 23 of the years and above therefore in 10. When it is wet in July it really is wet.

Facts and Figures

                                                              July 2013                        July 2012

Maximum temperature  C                       31.6                                  30.1

Mean max temp             C                       25.79                                22.11

Days temp > 30              C                        2                                        1

Days temp > 25              C                       18                                       5    

Minimum temp              C                       10.3                                     8.9

Mean min temp              C                       14.28                                  12.89

Days temp <15               C                       19                                       27

Rainfall                          mm                      36.6                                   88.9

Days with rainfall                                      10                                      22

33 year average rainfall mm                                           51.39


Rainfall chart

Gary Beynon
Aug 3rd 2013

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June 2013 

June was a sandwich  month; dry at the start and end with rain as the filling. There was a hope that summer had arrived early on but the hopes were dashed by cloud and rain through the middle weeks. The latter part of June started to give promise of decent weather which, we now know, has lasted well into July. Even though rain was recorded on 14 days, there wasnt a great deal with the total well below the 33 year average. Looking back over the last 33 years the rainfall is very variable with 12 years greater than average and 21 below. The extremes are dramatic with a low of  8.8 mm in 2006 and a high of 159.6 mm in 2012  compared with the 58mm average. 2012 was very wet but warmer and 2011 was wet (not as wet as 2012) and warmer again. Looking for patterns is nigh on impossible.


Facts and figures

                                                       June 2013                                      June 2012

Max temp               C                         25.0                                                 28.1

Mean max temp     C                          19.99                                               20.27

Min temp               C                          6.7                                                   6.1

Mean min temp      C                        10.48                                                 11.09

Days max >  20C                               16                                                     20

Days min <   10C                              14                                                       7

Rainfall         mm                             34.5                                                 159.6

Days with rain                                 14                                                     23

33 year average rainfall    mm                                      58.41


Rainfall chart for June 1981 to 2013

Gary Beynon
July 5th 2013

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May 2013

Another grey month that most of us would probably prefer to forget. The garden plants stood still, the central heating was on more often than not, any ideas about a warm Spring were soon dispelled and the brief appearances of the sun were really welcome. At least the weather for fte day wasnt as bad as it could have been and people turned up in their hundreds. Unfortunately a storm over Luton stopped the flypast but we were lucky to miss the downpour. The Met Office have reported that this was an unusually cold May; their data is from the whole country and averaged so our own experience in Hyde Heath is unlikely to mirror their findings in detail. Spring officially lasts from March to May and comparisons are made over these months. Any variation in the average temperature is going to be significant when you bear in mind that the totals are divided by 92 (number of days from March to end of May). Over the last 3 years the average maximum temperature fell from 16.84 to 12.35C and the minimum from 6.46 to 3.96C. Conclusion: yes it was cold! The good news is that as I write this, the sun is shining and the outlook is good; long may it continue.


A mass of figures

                                                May  2013                            May 2012

Maximum temp       C                     22.4                                       26.8

Average max temp  C                    16.82                                     18.68

Days max >15                                  23                                          22

Days max >20                                    3                                          10

Minimum temp        C                      2.8                                          2.7

Average min temp   C                      7.22                                        9.1

Days min <5                                       4                                             5

Days min <10                                    26                                          20

Days with frost                                   1                                            1

Rainfall                    mm                   78.9                                         39.8

33 year av rainfall    mm                                         59.87

Days with rainfall                              21                                            11


Spring data over the last three years :

                                                                2011                  2012                 2013

Average daily max temp over 92 days      16.84                  15.3                 12.35

Average daily min temp                             6.46                    5.91                 3.96

Rainfall                                                     61.7                  207                   189.7

33 year average rainfall                                                    172.11



Gary Beynon
June 5th 2013

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April 2013

What is a typical April as far as the weather is concerned? The old notion would be showers and relatively mild. But we have had snow in April, very heavy prolonged rain and, in contrast, warm early summer temperatures. There probably is no typical April. This last April was a mixture; it was dry but thats not unusual (since 2000 there have been 7 years below average rainfall and 4 with up to twice the average), the temperatures varied in the day from a high of 21.6 to a low of 4.1C and night temperatures from -1.6 to 10.8C. The variation over the month was also marked; cold to start with, then the last 3 weeks much milder. The skies were often clear at night so that despite good daytime temperatures there were frosts and near freezing temperatures over night. Compared with April last year, temperatures were similar but last April was much wetter.


The facts and figures

                                                               April 2013                      April 2012

Maximum temperature C                           21.6                              18.6

Mean max temp            C                          13.67                             13.65

Days above 15 C                                       13                                   2

Minimum temperature  C                          -1.6                                -0.6

Mean min temp             C                           4.01                                4.64

Nights below 5C                                         18                                  17

Day temps below 10C                                  5                                    1

Rainfall                          mm                        37.5                              138.7

33 year average rainfall mm                                        58.46

Days with rainfall                                        14                                   25


Rainfall chart

Gary Beynon
May 3rd 2013

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March 2013

Cold, wet, horrible; any other adjectives you might like to use? It was significantly colder and wetter than March 2012. Perhaps more so is that March was a miserable month; predominately a cold easterly wind with very little sunshine. There were a few days early on when the temperatures soared to 13.6C but it didnt last. There were many frosts even if the humidity has been low enough on many of those days to keep ice off the windscreens. Then there was the snow! All one can say is that we were so much better off than many. Rainfall was above the 33 year average and closed a 6 month period of well above average rainfall. There cannot be a reason this year for water restrictions; not a valid one anyway. Over the last 32 winters this has been the 6th wettest with about 25% more rainfall than the average. It is just as well that the 3 months of this year were not as high as October to December last year though or we could have been swimming even in Hyde Heath. Rather depressingly April has started on the same cold, lack lustre tone; let us hope for an improvement.


Facts and Figures

                                                     March 2013                     March 2012

Maximum temperature C                     13.6                                   19.5

Mean max temp            C                     6.6                                   13.96

Days > 10C                                           4                                      29

Minimum temperature  C                     -3.4                                     0.8

Mean min temp             C                    0.64                                    4.11   

Days with frost                                     19                                       8

Rainfall                          mm                 73.3                                    28.5

Days with precipitation                         15                                        5

Days with sleet/snow                               9                                       0

Average rainfall over 32 years  mm                         53.78


Rainfall October 2012 to March 2013                      549.1mm

Rainfall October 2011 to March 2012                      263.4mm

Average over last 32 years                                    428   mm


Rainfall chart March 1981 to 2013

Gary Beynon
April 3rd 2013

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February 2013

A real mixture of weather sums up February 2013. There were long periods of sunny days, long periods of cloudy days, many nights with frost, over half the days with more or less rain and also days with snow or sleet. I suppose it was February so what can you expect?! Compared with last year it wasnt as warm, it didnt get as cold, it was wetter (but 2012 was a dry winter) and there was more snow. The rain we had was very heavy in the second week of the month and made the ground saturated again; this made it difficult for farmers and gardeners alike to do very much. I hear that the winter cereal (sown in the Autumn) has not done that well due to the conditions and costs for Spring sowings are going to be higher than last year making the economics of it all dubious. Let us hope that the Spring and Summer hold a promise of good weather!


Facts and figures

      2013                                                           2012

Maximum temperature C                   10.5                          15.5

Mean max temp            C                   6.0                           7.76

Minimum temperature  C                   -1.4                          -8.7

Mean min temp            C                    0.98                         1.31

Days max temp > 10    C                       3                              13

Days min temp <   0     C                     16                              12

Rainfall                         mm                 54.6                          24.4

Days with snow/sleet                             8                              2

Days with precipitation                         18                             8

32 year average rainfall mm                                 58


Rainfall chart

Gary Beynon
March 12th 2013

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January 2013

January was a grey, wet, cold and unpleasant month. There was nothing to dry out the ground which remains wet at best and waterlogged in many places. It was wet in Bucks but further west, in Gloucestershire for example, it has been, and is, even wetter. Most of the fields there have standing water. Things have yet to improve for our farmers The middle of this month (February) sees the allowed start of ploughing of winter set aside; if they can get on the land. The rainfall was actually below the average for January but everything that did come down was onto already saturated ground. Lots of wet days, many days when there was frost and 8 days with some snow. All that to be contrasted with a high of 12.9C (a low of -5.5C) at the end of the month. In fact it was a temperature sandwich; the first 10 days were mild, then 15 days of near zero temperatures followed by 6 days of double digit figures.

The facts and figures

                                                            January 2013                      January 2012

Maximum temperature C                          12.9                                    11.9

Mean max temp            C                           4.67                                    8.69

Days max > 10C                                          8                                         13

Minimum temperature  C                          -5.5                                      -2.1

Mean min temp             C                           1.91                                     2.79

Days min < 0C                                            12                                        8

Rainfall                         mm                         62                                       52.7

31 year average rainfall mm                                            73.79

Days with precipitation                               19                                        19

Days with snow/sleet                                    8                                          0


Rainfall chart for January 1981 to 2013       


Gary Beynon
Feb 9th 2013

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