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Hyde Heath weather reports by Gary Beynon based on his own observations & measurements

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According to the Met Office, December was a record breaking warm month. The figures here in Hyde Heath support that fact completely; we also had a mild December with the average maximum and minimum temperatures some 3șC higher than the figures for the last 10 years on average. To go through December and only record frost on 2 of the days is most unusual and it is little wonder that the plants and trees are displaying signs of Spring. It was not an especially wet month but with some rain on the majority of days, the ground did not have a chance to dry out and everything has become soggier and soggier. There is however no water in the lake opposite the Chiltern Hospital so presumably the Water Company are pumping out rather a lot from these upper bore holes.


Rainfall in the year as a whole was 715mm somewhat below the 35 year average of 783mm.

Gary Beynon
Jan 19th 2016

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Another month when one might have expected the first signs of Winter to have appeared but this was not the case. November continued the pattern of mild weather with some high maximum temperatures and quite a lot of wet days. The sun was conspicuous by its absence with 23 days that remained virtually cloudy all day. Frosts were not much in evidence with just 2 in the month. Rainfall was very close to the average over the last 35 years and we had some rain at least on 25 days of the month. November 2015 was actually very similar to the same month in 2014 both years being significantly warmer than 2013. This rather unseasonal weather does throw the plants into something of a muddle; Siân’s magnolia tree is forming flower buds; it is presumably going to have a shock in the not too distant future! As I write this, we are well into December and still the mild wet weather persists.

Gary Beynon
Dec 15th 2015

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October was a mild month although not as mild on average as 2014. Rainfall was below average and well below last year. Even by month end there were still a lot of leaves on the trees and few of the plants had started to die back. We were still picking tomatoes (from the greenhouse admittedly) and were able to leave picking our main crop of apples until the last week of the month; never been so late. No frosts were recorded and there were 17 days when it was mostly cloudy; it is so noticeable when the sun does come out and you feel a real lift.  



Facts and figures
Oct-15 Oct-14
Maximum temp              șc șC 18.6 20.2
Average max temp șC 14.62 15.94
Days max  >10 >20 șC 0 2
Days max >20 >15 șC 12 19
Minimum temp șC 3.3 3.7
Average min temp șC 8.25 9.84
Days min  <5 <10 șC 25 12
Days min <5 șC 2 2
Days with frost 0 0
Rainfall mm 57.4 90
35 year average rain mm 85.47
Days with rainfall 17 22
Days with sleet, snow, hail thunder 0 0
Wettest October 1987 with 190mm
Driest October 1985 with 25.9mm

Gary Beynon

Nov 15th


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It was a somewhat nondescript month with a lot of cloud at the start and fairly sunny at the end. The wet weather early on delayed the completion of the harvest but the farmers made up towards the end and many have also cultivated and sown the winter wheat. The garden fruit has been late with tomatoes, at least in my greenhouse, ripening later than I can remember. Our village shop confirmed this in that surplus product from village gardens has been later and not as plentiful. Rainfall was on average looking at the last 35 years and temperatures were a long way below 2014. Any hope that we might have had for an Indian Summer was not fulfilled. Looking back at 2012 and 2013 showed that September in those years was very similar to this one so maybe we should not expect too much. It is easy to forget that we are past the Autumn Equinox and therefore 3 months after the time when the sun was highest overhead.


Facts and figures
Sep-15 Sep-14
Maximum temp              șc șC 20.9 25
Average max temp șC 17.79 20.72
Days max  >10 >25 șC 0 1
Days max >20 șC 3 21
Minimum temp șC 5.5 6
Average min temp șC 8.94 11.33
Days min  <5 <15 șC 30 28
Days with frost 0 0
Rainfall mm 59.9 39.9
35 year average rain mm 59.76
Days with rainfall 15 9
Days with sleet, snow, hail thunder 0 0
Wettesr September 1991 with 125.3mm
Driest September 1997 with 8.3mm

Gary Beynon

Oct 5th


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Any hopes of a good August with summer weather were not to be. 18 days with some rainfall, 19 days when it was mostly cloudy and temperatures rather disappointing even if there were a few hot days. It was a month of contrasts; the first half was predominately dry with good temperatures for the most part but the second half had most of the rainfall and apart from 2 really warm days the rest was nothing to write home about. Looking back at August 2014, there was a similar picture with a lot of cloud, similar temperatures and somewhat more rain but again mostly falling in 2 or 3 days of heavy rain with far less for the rest. All reflected in the gardens and the fields; the winter crops were harvested early in the month but it was too wet at the end, and fruits such as tomatoes seem to be very slow this year. It is easy to see why so many people opt to chase the sun abroad. An Indian summer would be good but the first few days of September do not bode well.

Facts and figures
Aug-15 Aug-14
Maximum temp              șc șC 28.6 27.3
Average max temp șC 21.68 21.61
Days max  >10 >25 șC 4 4
Days max >20 șC 22 23
Minimum temp șC 9.2 7.7
Average min temp șC 12.51 11.59
Days min  <5 <15 șC 28 29
Days with frost 0 0
Rainfall mm 65.2 84.5
35 year average rain mm 63.79
Days with rainfall 18 18
Days with sleet, snow, hail thunder 0 0

Gary Beynon

Sept 5th


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Not that good a month; very hot at the start and rather mediocre at the end. The temperature soared to 34.8șC on the first day and stayed in the high 20s for just 4 days before starting to fall away .By the end of the month we were just getting over 20șC but the minimum temperatures were in single figures. Did you put the heating on or a sweater? Although there was rain on18 of the days, the amounts were quite small----until the 24th when virtually half the total for the month fell in 1 day; 34.8 mm. The 26th saw a further 14.2 mm. At least the grass then looked somewhat greener. Rainfall was above the 35 year average. The wettest July we have had was in 1991 with 103.7 mm and the driest was 2006 with just 8 mm. You will see from the rainfall chart that July is usually wet with just over 51 mm on average. It is a sobering thought that at the end of July we were nearly 6 weeks past the point when the sun was highest in the sky; a cynic would say we are heading towards winter but surely it is better to hope for  good August and a late Indian summer.



Gary Beynon

Aug 2nd


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June was another dry month in what is proving to be a drier than average year---so far. We have had just 300mm in total so far this year compared with the same period in 2014 of 547 mm and a 35 year average of 361 mm. June is a drier month anyway with 22 of the last 35 years being below the average rainfall. Most of this month’s rain came in just one day, the 12th when 11.3 mm fell. As far as the temperature is concerned, it nearly reached 30șC and there was a low of 5.9șC. Compared with last year the averages were marginally down. I suspect that we will look back on June as quite a pleasant month.


Gary Beynon

July 6th


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Not Really the end of Spring/start of Summer that we might have hoped for. The official start of the Met. Office Summer is 1st June and continues for 3 months until the end of August. Let us hope that the “official” bit makes the weather change for the better.This last May was a mixture of wet and cooler weather with an occasional spell of better weather thrown in as a taster. It started off with quite a lot of rain; over 26 mm in the first 6 days. Then there was a patch of dry weather with on or two wet days. Overall rainfall was close to the 35 year average, a long way below 2007 which was the wettest with 153.8mm and way above the very dry 1990 with just 2mm. The temperatures remained fairly constant throughout May but only crept above 20șC on 7 days. The average temperature was very similar to 2014 but May that year had some days that were a lot warmer.

Facts and figures
May-15 May-14
Maximum temp               șC 21.7 26.4
Average max temp șC 18.16 18.74
Days max  >10 >15 șC 30 26
Days max >20 șC 7 10
Minimum temp șC 4.1 1.3
Average min temp șC 8.04 9.1
Days min  <5 <10 șC 24 15
Days with frost 0 1
Rainfall mm 68 105.9
35 year average rain mm 61.42
Days with rainfall 17 20
Days with sleet, snow, hail  thunder   1 0



Gary Beynon

June 6th


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April was a dry month following March which was also dry. The temperatures were on the whole rather pleasant being especially warm in the first half. The breeze/wind made it feel a lot cooler on days when the thermometer suggested that it was warm. There were some cold nights with frost evident on the cars on 8 occasions. Compared with 2014 the month was actually very similar temperatures and rainfall much on a par. There were only 2 days of frost though. Rainfall was a long way below average and only a fraction of 2000, the wettest April in 35 years, with 139mm rain compared with just 32mm this year. Our driest April was 3007 with just 2.6mm.

Facts and Figures

April 2015 April 2014
Maximum temp              șC 22.4 19.8
Average max temp șC 16.17 16.46
Days max  >15 șC 20 23
Minimum temp șC 2.4 2.1
Average min temp șC 4.93 6.79
Days min  <5 șC 13 7
Days with frost 8 2
Rainfall mm 32 39.7
35 year average rain mm 57.17
Days with rainfall 11 12
Days with sleet, snow, hail 0 0


Gary Beynon

 May 6th


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March was very much a month of two halves particularly as far as rainfall was concerned. The first 24 days had very little rainfall, to be followed on the 25th with more than all the previous days put together. The last few days were wetter but the month total at 30.2mm was well below the average for the last 35 years. There was a lot of cloud and most annoyingly on the 20th when the partial eclipse occurred; if you were lucky you just caught part of it but it was very dependant on where you were. Temperatures were quite mild during the day but did fall away over night with frost on the cars on 8 mornings. 


The rainfall over the winter period (October to March when the aquifers are replenished) was just below average and well below last year which was very wet. 

Facts and figures March 2015 March 2014
Maximum temp              șC 14.50 19.10
Average max temp șC 11.28 13.32
Days max  >10 șC 22 26
Minimum temp șC 0.70 -0.20
Average min temp șC 3.62 4.18
Days min  <5 șC 25 18
Days with frost 8 7
Rainfall mm 30.20 30.3
35 year average rain mm 52.43
Days with rainfall 15 13
Days with sleet, snow, hail 1 1


 Gary Beynon

 April 6th


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February was a dull month on the whole with very little to commend it. There was not a great deal of rain yet the ground has kept very wet. Most of the rainfall was accumulated in just 5 days with 83% of the total. Compared with 2014 it was dry but that was the wettest February we have had in 35 years. There was not much snow but we did have a covering on6 of the days. Frost was evident at least on the car windscreens on 9 days. The end of the month saw somewhat higher day time temperatures which brought out the first signs of better things to come with snowdrops and crocus showing.




 Gary Beynon

 March 2nd

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There was a distinct decline in temperatures as the month progressed with an unseasonal high of 13.5șC on 9th yet only 10 days later the maximum day temperature only reached 2.7șC. The overnight temperatures displayed a similar trend; 9th seeing 9.7șC and 22nd -3.7șC. Compared with 2014 it was a colder month but the way the days feel are more to do  with what has come immediately before than anything historical. Towards the end of the month there was a penetrating wind from the northerly quarter and that made it seem colder. Frost was evident on 13 days compared with 6 days in 2014. Plants and trees may have been fooled by the warmer weather at the start of the month; some flower heads have appeared and some twigs have signs of the emerging leaf buds. Rainfall was very close to average over the last 35 years and a long way short of last years 190 mm. Rain fell on 23 days with snow, sleet and/or hail on 6 days.


Facts and figures
Jan-15 Jan-14
Maximum temp              șc șC 13.5 11.5
Average max temp șC 7.58 8.64
Days max  >10 șC 6 6
Minimum temp șC -3.7 -0.4
Average min temp șC 1.83 3.27
Days min  <5 șC 26 22
Days with frost 13 6
Rainfall mm 79.9 190.1
35 year average rain mm 77.29
Days with rainfall 23 28
Days with sleet, snow, hail 5 2

Gary Beynon
Feb 2nd 2015
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