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December 2014

Comparatively speaking, December was a dry month with the rainfall well below the 34 year average. Most of the rain fell on just 3 days although there was some precipitation on many of the days. Pressure was high and temperatures were something of a rollercoaster. There were days when the temperatures were in double figures and very little difference over the 24 hour period (22nd for example when the variation was from 12.3 to 10.0C) and others when the figures were far more what one would expect for December with overnight frosts and daytime not getting above 3C. The winter has started without much of a sting; long may it continue.

Facts and figures

                                                            December 2014                  December 2013

Maximum temperature       C                  13.0                                             12.8

Average Max temp                C                     8.13                                             9.15

Days temp >10C                                            7                                                   9

Days temp > 5C                                          24                                                  31

Minimum temperature      C                    -1.1                                                0.8

Average minimum              C                      8.13                                             3.42

Days temp  0C                                               5                                                        0

Days with frost (on windscreen!)           10                                                       6

Rainfall                 mm                                   56.5                                               108.8

Days with rainfall                                        18                                                     22

34 year average rainfall    mm                                              79.33 


Rainfall charts:

Gary Beynon
Jan 3rd 2015

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November 2014

November was wet and mild; the ground and the amount of water sitting on the surface is evidence enough. There were few frosts and these affected mostly the car windscreens with the thermometer not actually dipping to minus. The first few days were bright but the rest of the month was cloudy, dull and really rather uninspiring. After a period like that, it is a pleasant surprise to have sunshine and feel ones spirits lift. How people much further north cope with months of not even seeing the sun is remarkable. Compared with 2013, this November was wetter, warmer, less frosty just and very similar with regards to cloud cover.

Facts and figures                                   November

                                                        2014                                                   2013

Maximum temperature C      15.4                                                      13.7

Average max temp         C      11.26                                                      9.17

Days max temp > 10C             22                                                         10

Minimum temperature  C       0.8                                                       -1.0

Average min temp           C       6.12                                                      3.82

Days min temp  <5C                 9                                                          21

Rainfall                    mm            97.2                                                       61.4

Days with rainfall                    24                                                          21

34 year average rainfall mm                             82.21

Wettest year                                                      2002 with 168.5mm

Driest year                                                         1988 with 27.6mm




Gary Beynon
December 2014

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October 2014

Warm, wet, frost free, not that windy and a record maximum temperature on Halloween, made for an October that has taken us well into the autumn without really bad weather and makes spring that bit closer. Hyde Heath didnt quite make 20C on the 31st but at 19.2C it was warm  and some 8-10 above the norm. The seasons do seem to be changing; when I was young(er) the big thing for Bonfire night was to collect sacks of leaves for the base as most of the trees were pretty bare; look at them now.

Facts and figures

                                                               October 2014             October 2013

Maximum temperature           C                     20.2                            19.3

Average max temp                   C                     15.94                          15.37

Days max temp  >20C                                       2                                 0

Days max temp  >15C                                    19                               19

Minimum temperature            C                       3.7                               3.5

Average min temp                    C                       9.84                             9.64

Days min temp   <10C                                     12                                14

Days min temp   <5C                                          2                                   1

Rainfall                                    mm                      90                               114.3

34 year average                    mm                                     86.29

Days with rainfall                                              22                                 23

Wettest year                                                              1987 with 190mm

Driest year                                                                 1985 with 25.9mm


Rainfall chart


Gary Beynon
Novemberr 2014

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September 2014

September was warm, dry and had quite a lot of sun. Most of the rain fell on just one day, the 19th, with 33.4 of the total of 39.9mm. We were in Kos for the last fortnight and from my daughters observations it looks as if the weather here was nearly as good as it was in the Greek islands! September was a better month than August; much drier and very similar temperatures. Looking back at September 2013, this last moth was similar temperature wise but much drier with 7 days of rain compared with 15 days in 2013. Over the years, September2014 was drier but the pattern has been one of considerable variation.

The facts and figures

                                                              September 2014            September 2013

Maximum temperature       C                           25.0                          26.4

Average max temp                C                           20.72                        18.63

Days max temp >20              C                           21                               8

Minimum temperature        C                             6.0                            5.9

Average min temp                C                           11.33                        10.4

Days min temp<10               C                           10                              15

Rainfall                 mm                                           39.9                           53.8

Days with rain                                                        9                             15

Wettest day        mm                                           33.4                           21.9

34 year average rainfall      mm                                          59.76

Gary Beynon
October 2014

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August 2014

Compared with last year August was a deal wetter. In 2013 there was below average rainfall and followed 2 previous months of low rainfall. The temperatures this year pleasant but down on 2013; then the maximum temperature only dropped below 20C on one day-the 31st. This year 8 days were below that figure with the 25th seeing a rather miserable 16.8C with rain all day.

 When it rained we were subjected to some heavy downpours with 3 days each having over 12mm ( inch in old money) and accounting for 50 out of the 84 mm total. So far September has been dry but the mornings have been getting cooler. A good year for the harvest; most is in and a good year for apples, sloes, runner beans and tomatoes---from my perspective anyway.


The facts and figures

                                                               August 2014                   August 2013

Maximum temperature          C                    27.3                                31.1

Mean max temp                        C                    21.61                              23.18

Days max temp > 20 C         C                     23                                   30

Minimum temperature           C                     7.7                                   9.6

Mean min temp                        C                   11.59                                13.1

Days min temp < 0C             C                      6                                       1

Days min temp <  15C                                 29                                      25

Rainfall      mm                                                84.5                                  35.8

34 year average rainfall    mm                                      63.75

Days with rainfall                                            20                                     15

Wettest year                                                               1992 with 149.5mm

Years above the average                                                    13 in 34


Rainfall chart for August

Gary Beynon
September 9th 2014

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July 2014

July was another dry and very warm month. It started with rain on many days but the last two weeks were almost without any rain and consistently warm (even hot!). It is often the case in the UK that hot prolonged weather breaks up with thunderstorms; we havent had them yet (6th August). Nearly a third of the rainfall was on just one night when indeed there was a thunderstorm but that was the 17th before the prolonged hot weather set in. We did not quite make 30C BUT IT WAS CLOSE.


Facts and figures

                                                         July 2014                           July 2013

Maximum temp.     C                          29.3                                    31.6

Average max temp. C                         25.55                                  25.79

Days max temp >25C                         20                                       18

Minimum day max  C                         21                                       15.6

Minimum temp        C                           9.7                                    10.3

Average min temp   C                         13.85                                  14.28

Days min temp  <15C                         22                                       19

Rainfall                     mm                     37.2                                     36.6

Days with rain                                      12                                        10

Wettest day               mm                     13.5                                     10.6

34 year average rainfall mm                                    50.97

Years above average                                                  11

Years below average                                                  23  

Wettest July in 34 years                       1991 with   103.7mm

Rainfall chart

Gary Beynon
August 6th 2014

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June 2014 

After all the rain in May, June was a much drier month. Statistically this should not have been a surprise as in the last 34 years, twice as many June figures have been below average as above it. The rain we did have most almost all as showers with the one on the last day being particularly heavy. The first 2 weeks were pleasantly warm with only 2 days with a maximum temperature below 20C, then very briefly the temperatures fell a little before recovering again in the latter part of the third week and throughout the last. Compared with 2013, June was just slightly warmer and less wet.

Facts and figures

                                                          June 2014                      June 2013

Maximum temperature           C             26.0                              25.0

Average max temp                    C             22.76                            19.99

Days above 20C                                          26                                 16

Minimum temperature            C               7.2                                6.7

Average min temp                     C            11.71                            10.48

Nights below 10C                                       4                                   13

Rainfall            mm                                     37.0                              36.6

Days with rainfall                                      13                                 14

Average over last 34 years        mm                             57.78

Years with below average rain                                      22

Years with above average rain                                       12

Wettest year                                                             2012 with 159.6mm

Driest year                                                                 2006 with 8.8mm


Rainfall Chart


Gary Beynon
July 1st 2014    

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May 2014

May was a wet month with nearly twice the 34 year average rainfall. It was the second wettest May in 34 years, beaten only by 2007. There were some real contrasts through the month; a minimum temperature of 1.3C and a maximum of 26.4C although not on the same day! Compared with 2013 the average temperatures were higher and I suspect that this has been reflected in the growth rates of plants and grass. The high rainfall is reflected in the flow of the Misbourne; still going strongly and still running from Mobwells down. It is a great shame that Fete day was not that good but thankfully people still turned out and enjoyed themselves.

Facts and figures

                                                             May 2014                                                      May 2013

Maximum temperature C                         26.4                                                               22.4

Average max temp  C                              18.74                                                             16.82

Days temp >15C                                        26                                                                  23

Days temp >20C                                       10                                                                    3 

Minimum temperature C                        1.3                                                                 2.8

Average min temp C                                 9.10                                                               7.22

Days temp <10C                                      15                                                                   26

Days temp <5C                                          2                                                                    4

Rainfall  mm                                            105.9                                                                78.9

Days with rain                                           20                                                                    21

34 year average rainfall  mm                                                   61.23    

Wettest year                                                                       2007 with 153.9mm

Driest year                                                                          1990 with 2mm                                

Gary Beynon
June 6th 2014

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April 2014

April was the second dry month this year with rainfall below average. April is a variable month with the highest rainfall at 139mm back in 2000 and the driest, only 3.7mm, in 1984. Temperatures were variable with a high of 19.8C and a low of 2.1C with just about everything between. Frost was evident on the top of the car on just 2 mornings but the old saying neer cast a clout till May is out warns us that frosts are still possible this new month. As I write this the forecast is indeed for frosts early this Bank Holiday weekend. Still it did give the farmers a chance to catch up and the spring crops are now in and well up in some cases. The Misbourne is still full with water at Great Missenden but it is not running as quickly as it was.

Facts and figures

                                                       April 2014                        April 2013

Maximum temperature     C               19.8                                   21.6

Average max temp             C              16.46                                13.67

Days max temp          >15 C                23                                     13

Minimum temperature     C                 2.1                                  -1.6

Average min temp            C                  6.79                                  4.01

Days min temp          <5   C                  7                                      18

Days with frost                                       2                                       8

Rainfall                             mm               39.7                                  37.5

34 year average rainfall    mm                               57.91

Days with rainfall                                 12                                     14

















Gary Beynon
May 3rd 2014

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March 2014


All change!! After 5 months of heavy rainfall, March turned out to be quite dry. Rainfall was well below average for the month, less than a third of the wettest March (111.5 mm 2001) and three times the driest (11.3 mm 2011). There can be little doubt that there is no pattern from year to year. It was also a mild month with temperatures often over 15C and, although there were ground frosts on7 mornings, there was just I day when the air temperature dropped below zero. It is clear though that ground water levels remain high with the Misbourne running from Mobwells. The dry spell allowed the farmers to cultivate and seed the ground left over the winter. Our aquifers are apparently replenished in the 6 months from October to March; this year they have had a good drink with virtually 50% more than the average but still below that really wet winter of 2000/1. Why then all the floods this winter? I offer no explanation!

Facts and figures

                                                                                              March 2014                                              March 2013

Maximum temperature                     C                                      19.1                                                            13.6

Average max temp                           C                                      13.32                                                           6.6

Minimum temperature                      C                                        -0.2                                                           -3.4

Average min temp                            C                                        4.18                                                            0.64

Days max temp > 15                          C                                       12                                                                0

Days max temp <5                             C                                         0                                                              10

Days min temp < 5                            C                                        18                                                               28

Days with frost                                                                             7                                                               19

Rainfall                                            mm                                      30.3                                                           73.3

34 year average rainfall                     mm                                                                     53.09

Days with rain/precipitation                                                         13                                                               15

Days with snow/sleet/hail                                                              1                                                                 9


Winter rainfall                                 mm                                                                                649.4    

Average winter rainfall                     mm                                                                                434.7



Gary Beynon
April 3rd 2014

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February 2014

The Met Office announced that it was the wettest winter since records began-and that was before the end of February. Winter in rainfall terms is defined as the months of December to February. Hyde Heath did not buck the trend !

This is by far and away the wettest winter we have had in 33 years. The amount of rain was 443mm compared with an average of 215mm and the previous high in 1989/90 of 360mm. It has been wet but mild with no snow, very few frosts and higher than average maximum temperatures. Looking at trends and averages including this years figures is not that meaningful as extremes throw things out but it is going to be interesting to see how the figures carry on in the future.

February as a month was also very wet with nearly 3 times the average rainfall and temperatures significantly above last year. There were very few frosts and a lot of cloud and wind. We are fortunate not to suffer the flooding of other parts of the country; an advantage of living on the top of a hill but a glance at the Misbourne it ample evidence to show how even a small river can overflow and flood land. If we are very lucky maybe the planners for HS2 (sorry to use bad language) will conclude that a tunnel under the Misbourne will merely be a different bad for it to flow in and alter the route completely or even cancel the whole project.

Our farmers are now well behind as the land is so waterlogged that ploughing is not possible and the winter crops are potentially, even here, vulnerable to rotting in the ground. Will the Water Board dare to announce hosepipe bans this year ? 

The facts and figures

                                                                 February 2014                  February 2013

Maximum temperature        C                        12.9                                  10.5

Average max temp              C                         9.09                                  6.0

Days max temp > 5C                                      28                                     15

Days max temp >10C                                     10                                       2

Minimum temperature         C                         1.3                                   -1.4

Average min temp               C                          3.31                                  0.98

Days min temp < 0C                                         0                                       6

Days with frost (on car roofs)                            4                                       16

Days with snow/sleet                                        0                                         8

Rainfall                                mm                     144.5                                  54.6

Rainfall       34 yr average for Feb                                        55.5

Wettest day in Feb              mm                        34.5                                  27.2

Winter rainfall (Dec to Feb)  mm                                      2013/14    443

Average over 33 years                                                                     215   

Previous wettest winter                                                   1989/90    360

Rainfall charts             


Gary Beynon
Mar 2nd 2014

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January 2014

January was the wettest January in the last 34 years but I suspect you already knew that. It was also the second wettest month in the last 34 years; the wettest being October 1987by a mere 0.3mm. Rainfall was nearly 3 times the 34 year average for the month. Although it was wet, it was also a mild month with no really hard frosts and some high maximum temperatures. Fortunately there was no snow unlike January last year. The wettest day was on the 31st when some 18.5 mm fell; this however was not a lot compared with the 6th of February but you will need to wait until that report to see what the downpour measured! There was rain on virtually every day in the month with cloud being predominant. 

The total rainfall for 2013 was 751.5mm, close to average  but as you will see from the graph, some wide variations from year to year. 

Facts and figures

                                                  January 2014                      January 2013

Maximum temperature  C                 11.5                                      12.9

Average max temp         C                 8.64                                      4.67

Days max temp > 10C                         6                                           8

Minimum temperature    C                -0.4                                        -5.5

Average min temp          C                3.27                                        1.9

Days min temp < 0C                          2                                            13

Days frost evident                              6                                           16

Days with snow                                  0                                            7

Rainfall                      mm               190.1                                         62

34 year average rainfall                                               77.2

Days with rain etc                             28                                           19        


Gary Beynon
Feb 14th 2014

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