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Elaine Barker, Vice-President, welcomed members and speaker, Jeremy Holmes, to the April meeting. She also said it was great to see Jayne, President, back in our midst.


The Beechwood Group Spring meeting will be hosted by Hyde Heath at 7.15 for 7.30pm on 27 April when Alison Bailey from the Amersham Museum will be the speaker. Volunteers from those attending from Hyde Heath were asked if they could help on the evening and also bring tray bake cakes, for which costs would be refunded.


Gillian reported on a fascinating and informative time in Aylesbury on 15 March at the BFWI Investigation & Discovery day to which four members attended. There were four eminent speakers whose subjects were as always, very varied and informative.

Well done our team of Avril, Anne Underwood and Mary Collins who came 6th in the BFWI Inter-County Quiz!


On 29 April Ann Crooke will lead a walk/stroll from Dobbies carpark, Wendover, meeting at 10.15 for a 10.30 start, followed by refreshments at Dobbies on return.


Margaret Dunn reminded members about the Village Fete on 14 May when we provide drink and cakes from the Cricket Pavilion. A few more volunteers to help and provide cakes would be much appreciated.


The visit to our Charity, Lindengate, will be on 15 June at 4.30pm, after the "Gardeners" have left. There will be a tour around and a chance to buy a variety of handmade articles.


Elaine asked if anyone would like to be a delegate for the BFWI Annual Council meeting in Aylesbury on 17 May.


Elaine wished everyone a very Happy Easter and invited members to choose a Viola pot plant and take their Easter card. She thanked Gillian for getting the plants and Mary for writing the cards.


Jeremy, who was a Trustee of the UK Carnegie Fund, gave a most interesting and entertaining talk about the life of Andrew Carnegie who was born in Dunfermline in poverty, emigrated to America with his family at the age of twelve and by using his wit, enterprise and memory, became the richest man in the world! He was the first philanthropist (long before Bill Gates) and because of his lack of education, sponsored the construction of about 2,000 libraries around the globe.


After the opening in 1891 of his Carnegie Hall, New York, the inaugural concert in 1881 was conducted by Tchaikovski. His legacy is still funding a large number of Trusts in a variety of countries.


One of his ventures was to fund WI markets in the 1930's!



The next meeting on Resolutions will be on 12 May at 8pm in the Village Hall.


Gillian O'Flynn
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Jayne Faversham presided over the Resolutions meeting and sent good wishes to seven members who had birthday’s this month.


The Beechwood meeting that Hyde Heath held last month was very successful and speaker, Alison Bailey from the Amersham Museum, was excellent. The help of members who volunteered was much appreciated.


Thanks were received from some of the other Institutes. Ballinger will host the Autumn group meeting in place of Wendover, who have a busy evening near that time with entertainment and a Hog roast.


Elaine Barker will be our delegate at the BFWI Annual Council Meeting on 17 May in Aylesbury and gave a brief resume of the Proposed Resolution “We need a Change of Heart” in connection with heart attacks in women. Elaine will also be our delegate for the NFWI Annual Meeting on 11 June in Liverpool, and she gave details of the Proposed Resolution “Women and Girls with ASD and ADHD”.

Both the Resolutions were discussed and voted for unanimously.


Margaret Dunn is again very kindly organising the teas and cakes which the institute sell in the cricket pavilion at the Village Fete on 14 May and asked if there were any more volunteers willing to help or make cakes. She asked if helpers could wear PVC gloves and masks whilst serving the public and use cake tongues/servers for hygienic reasons.


Thanks were given to Ann Crook for leading a lovely walk around Aston Clinton Reservoir last month. The five members that went very much enjoyed it and the lunch at Dobbies café afterwards.


Elaine gave details of the visit planned to Lindengate, our charity, on 15 June and suggested that as the tour will be from4.30 – 6.30, it would be nice to visit Dobbies café for tea and cake about 3.30pm first


Gillian told members about the Little Missenden Platinum Patronal Festival on 25/26 June when there will be a Festival of Flowers in St John’s Church. On 18 June there will be a concert with the Orpheus Male Voice Choir performing at the Church and The Last Night of the Little Missenden Little Proms on 25th at 8pm in the churchyard featuring the Chalfont Wind Band followed by a firework finale.


The meeting concluded with a fun quiz which Elaine had prepared and plenty of time for a very sociable chat with our tea and biscuits.

The next meeting will be in the Village Hall at 8pm on 9 June when there will be a talk on “The Work of Wycombe Homeless Connection.


Gillian O'Flynn
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