Atlantic Crossing 



A local sailing quartet set out to cross the Atlantic from Tenerife to the Carribbean on November 13th - the crew are:

Roger Aylward - skipper and co-owner, lives in Great Missenden and sails on the East Coast.
Peter Hawker – lives in Sevenoaks brother of Mike from Hyde Heath, recently retired.
Peter Hill – lives near Leeds and sails on the East Coast from the same marina as Roger
Peter Sheltrum – lives in Hyde Heath, has his boat in Plymouth and long time sailing companion of Roger.

Current position on Dec 5th is Lat: 11:58.61N   Lon: 61:45.96W -  Grenada  !!! - maps below

A Sun Odyssey 45 similar to Roger's boat


Day 22 Mileage 128 miles –  5.0 hours motoring
Day 23 Mileage    9 miles - 2.0 hours motoring- 2 hours total

Well yes we are here in True Blue Bay- it is very hot and very humid but not sunny and we are not p*****. The winds have been light but we have managed to sail and get here before the weekend shutdown. We had to go to Prickly Bay for Customs and Immigration before we could come here. I had done a lot of research on this and got lots of information , all wrong. The procedure at Prickly Bay hadn’t changed for years; the almanacs and advice was all wrong  BUT it made little difference – it was all easy.

The Marina at True Blue Bay is attached to a pleasant hotel and we had a good breakfast at about 10.00 local time, 12.00 ship’s time or 14.00 GMT! Anyway we thoroughly enjoyed it, vame back and washed the outside of the boat and rushed back into the bar for a few beers.

WE ARE HERE – at last.

We are trying to formulate a plan for the next few days without much success. Peter Hawker has defected and booked into the Hotel!! If we speak to him again we will get him to get our laundry done and use his shower.

I have a few things to organise for the boat and if we can get a Wifi connection then I will send some pics. 

We have done it and are here.


Peter,Peter,Peter and Rog


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