Old Hyde Heath 

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Pictures of Old Hyde Heath
  kindly supplied by Bob Hance

The Plough - date uncertain.

Grampy Darvell is in the centre of the group


Outside The Plough - do you recognise anyone here or know the date of the picture ?
  From the left: Gladys Morton, Frank Morton, Frank Craft, Jim Osborne, Fred Hosier, N/A
Happy Turney, N/A   -  if you can fill in the missing names please let us know.
The Plough decorated for the 1935 Jubilee of King George V.


Note it is a Benskins pub at this time whereas it was Wellers in the picture above.

Also note the rendering to the exterior not seen earlier.

  From left: N/A, N/A, Mr Brookman, N/A, Frank Morton, Alf Darvell, Fred Hosier, Jim Osborne, Johnner Pearce.
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Jubilee Monday June 3rd 2002


The Red Cow - with Hyde Heath Church on the right.

This site is now Franklins Coal yard.

Note the chimneys on the church which are no longer there - the old fireplaces are still visible inside church and vestry.

The Old Chapel seen from roughly where the swings are today.

The building is still there and has a plaque on it - it now forms part of a modern house.

Cottages in Brays Lane on the right

- later demolished and now the site of a car park and telephone box

Bringwood Cottage is on the left - home of Charles & Ellen Shirley in the 1930's & 40's

The Shirley family have lived in Hyde Heath for 200 years.

A closer view of the Brays Lane Cottages
Hyde Heath Cricket Team in 1933.

Bert Darvell is in the dark suit in the second row

May Queen 1932

Left: Alby Turney

May Queen: Margaret Darvell

Right: Ivy Channer



Maypole 1953

 Front: Evelyn Turney      Alan Vincent         Sheila Franklin          Eric Osborne
 Sitting on Base of Maypole: Ron Lumley (also known as Ron Chiltern) & Frank Hunter
 Back Row centre to right:  Trevor Cockroft    Marina Keen  & Charlie Franklin

Maypole 1953

Tony Dolphin writes:

"The little lad sitting at the front in the middle (ish) of your second maypole photo is me, aged seven (if the photo was indeed taken in 1953, although I look younger than that.  Fortunately, I still look young for my age!).
My job, together with a couple of others with two left feet who were useless at dancing, was to sit on the base of the pole to stop it rocking.  Since I was such a titch for my age I don't think I helped much."

                                                            Tony Dolphin

Same Maypole - Jubilee 2002

Friday May 31st outside the school gates


                                      Arthur Atkins - middle front    Frank Atkins - 2nd right front
                               Alby Turney - scout leader - back right

1917 On the Common
Mr & Mrs Saunders and daughter at Brays Cottage, Brays green Lane Sept 6th 1953
Hyde Heath School



School 1926

Can you help to identify anyone in this picture ?  If so, pls contact
Chris@HydeHeath.com and we will add to the site.

Back row - 3rd from left in chequered dress is Margaret Darvill
2nd row from back - 3rd from right is Enid Darvill in pale dress with three buttons
3rd row from front - in centre - Phyllis Darvill - in white dress with bushy hair
Phyllis insisted on starting school at age 4 and walking down the straight mile with her sisters every day  ( with thanks to Bernard Picton for the information ) 2nd right of Phyllis is Winifred Louise Mansfield whose father was a gamekeeper at Shardeloes estate before the first world war.  Winifred served with an anti aircraft gun unit & met & married & lived in Amersham then moving to the North East where she still lives - with many memories of Hyde Heath and Amersham (with thanks to Charles Roberts for information)

Hyde Heath School 1965

...a few luminaries about to be
unleashed onto their seperate ways into secondary school life !

They are left to right ....
back row, Alan Bacon, David Channer, Peter Bird.

front row, David Woodgate, Rosemary Nash, Carol Picton, Eileen Woodgate,
Jenny Finch and Glen Ditton.


Picture courtesy of Peter Bird

Hyde Heath school 1965

Headmaster, Mr Kersley's class
round about the time of the School sports day. Taken at the back of the School in Franklin's field, this area may now be a playground.
Back row left to right (standing), Angela Brighton, Jenny Finch, Peter Bird, Eric Maxwell, Alan Bacon, Mr Kersley (Headteacher), Stephen Finch, David Channer, Glenn Ditton and Michael Joiner.
Second row (kneeling), Colin Fawkes, Glen Thompson, Rosemary Nash, Malcolm Shirley, Nicola Bacon, Martyn Ditton, Derry Thompson, David Woodgate.
Third row (sitting), Janet Darvill, Carol Plested, Heather Swains, John Woodgate, Christopher Godfrey, Nicolas Wells, ??? , Christopher Midwinter

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Picture courtesy of Peter Bird
Do you recognise any other names ? - if so pls email to Chris@HydeHeath.com

First meeting of Hyde Heath Brownies

The young lady extreme left in the dark top is believed to be Enid Philbey. Enid had four sisters, three of whom were named Irene, Ruth and Connie - Connie still lives in Hyde End - their brother Harold lives in London.  Ruth was mother of Charlie Franklin.

Front row: 1st left is Miss Roberts who was the School Mistress, 2nd Miss Stacy, and 6th from left is Mrs Turney, Evelyn's mother. 7th from left is Mrs K Ringsell (nee Shirley).

Thanks to Charlie Franklin and Brian Shirley for supplying much of this information.


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